The Owosso Option

A lot of excitement has been generated among the fans and the drivers with the implementation of the Owosso Option! This new program for Owosso Speedway is based on a restart that has been used out east entitled the Delaware Restart. Of course we had to make it our own so we’ve tailored it to fit our race track! Like all change, this new option has had some resistance but as you can see over the past two weeks the drivers have adapted well and are already starting to employ some strategy in making their way to the front. Here’s how it works:

The feature races are a two-wide start with the lineup being determined by the racer’s qualifying effort and then an inversion being placed on the fast qualifier. If and when there is a caution our scorers will place the field into a single file lineup based on their positions of the last full lap completed. Once the racers are all lined up they will come to the start/finish line where they will be instructed to choose a lane for the next restart. We do this systematically with the leader choosing first, the second place car next and then in order back through the field. They must make their lane choice immediately and then stay in that lane until the green flag drops for the restart. So not only are we using a double-file restart, we are allowing the racers to choose which lane they want to start from! The strategy comes into play when you see a racer who would normally run the bottom groove choose the upper groove to protect that part of the track. Also, if several cars are choosing one particular lane then that leaves the choice open for the next car to move up several spots by choosing the open lane.

Owosso Speedway is the perfect track to use this option at! It is a recognized two-groove track without a preferred groove that the racers use constantly. Some of our racers are more comfortable with their car running the bottom groove and some prefer the top and it is often that you will see them three wide in the corners! Not recommended, but we see it! Check out our Highlight Videos on the site to see and hear what our top finishers are saying about the Owosso Option.

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