Schedule Update for 2013

I wanted to get an update out to you on the progress of getting our schedule and events posted for the 2013 season. At this point we have a preliminary schedule put together and we are awaiting approval from Shiawassee County. We won’t be able to post a schedule or print a schedule until we get the approval, but the good news is; we should be just a few days away.

So pending approval we will be racing the Pro Late Models and the Modifieds between 12 and 14 times each. We will be running both divisions on certain nights as we did in 2012! Our Sportsman division will be with us between 14 and 16 times; Our Pure Stocks will race between 17 and 19 times; Our Sport Stocks will race 8-10 times and once again we will have our Powder Puff Championship decided by 6 or 7 events!

We plan on getting every division at least one Autograph Night early in the season and have a rain date set aside if we need it. We have a couple of dates picked out for an Outlaw Super Late Model event and we plan on scheduling at least one. We have other traveling events that are scheduled and we will release the details on them after our schedule is approved by the county. We are working on some of the promotional details with those shows now

I am extremely encouraged and excited about the anticipated car count that we will have in our Pro Late Model and Sportsman divisions! The racers that have committed to racing at Owosso this season is going to make our track the absolute, hands down, best place to race or watch racing anywhere in Mid-Michigan!

We still allow you to bring in your own coolers and we won’t be charging for young folks 15 years of age and under! We are determined to give our fans and our racers the best entertainment value that money can buy!

I believe that when we look back on 2013 and then every year after that we will see that Owosso Speedway had the best car count, the most talented drivers and the biggest crowds of any track in Michigan that promoted “short track, stock car” racing! That’s my prediction and I am looking forward to being right!

We will be scheduling a driver’s meeting/ meet and greet in February. The rules for 2013 will remain unchanged except for one minor adjustment in our Pro Late Model class. I will post the 2013 rules as soon as we determine how we want to word the rule change.

Call me anytime that you have questions. We look forward to seeing everyone soon at our meeting.

Thanks, Rick (810) 965-6698

Be sure to read the pit slab reservation article following this one for information about getting your spot picked out. It will be more important this season to have your spot reserved than ever before. Another prediction…….

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