Ron Hauser would be Proud!

8-3-13   A special, gracious Thank You goes out to all who were in attendance and those who participated in the 2nd annual Ron Hauser Memorial! We had a great crowd in the stands to witness what I believe to be the best field of Pro Late Model drivers that we have seen in many years. We had 27 cars enter the event and we lost two because of mechanical trouble; which gave us an awesome 25 car field to start the event! The race was very good and it could have been a pretty long, drawn out affair with 12 cautions and 1 red flag condition, but that Owosso Option sure made it interesting on the restarts! It was fun and interesting to start the lap money on Ron’s car number ~ 19 ~ because it gave the drivers a chance to get to the front to earn some of those monies! What was especially cool is that all of the available 31 laps were sponsored! The obvious success of this event is due to the people who gave of their time and their money unselfishly to reward others! We have a special Thank You to Elaine Crosby who set up and then managed the entire Lap Sponsor program. Thank You to all Lap Sponsors!

Specialty Awards:

Fast Qualifier ~ All Season Construction ~ Mike Samson

6th Place Finisher ~ Signature Ford ~ Joe Cantu

Final Lap Sponsors ~ All Season Construction / Drive Train Specialists / Hower Excavating & Trucking

Lap 19 ~ Jon McNett / Dragon Auto Bowling Team

Lap 20 ~ Tim Cummings

Lap 21 ~ Rick & Jennie Miracle

Lap 22 ~ Alex Smith

Lap 23 ~ Jerry Lupien

Lap 24 ~ L. D. & Lisa Jones

Lap 25 ~ Bullet Man Racing / Alex Hagon

Lap 26 ~ Ryan Etchison Racing

Lap 27 ~ Allen Contracting Services

Lap 28 ~ Kyle Callahan

Lap 29 ~ Dave Bigos

Lap 30 ~ Chet’s Auto Service

Lap 31 ~ Rick & Jennie Miracle

Lap 32 ~ Zack Smith

Lap 33 ~ Jim Dwyer

Lap 34 ~ Ken Lee Well Drilling

Lap 35 ~ Chet’s Auto Service

Lap 36 ~ Chet’s Auto Service

Lap 37 ~ Turn 1 Fans: Bing, Elaine, Ann / Grease Monkey Graphics

Lap 38 ~ Troy Childers

Lap 39 ~ Tim Brodd

Lap 40 ~ Russ & Kim Lauderdale

Lap 41 ~ Rick & Jennie Miracle

Lap 42 ~ Dale Spencer

Lap 43 ~ Chet’s Auto Service

Lap 44 ~ Xtreme Trucking

Lap 45 ~ Chet’s Auto Service

Lap 46 ~ Drive Train Specialists

Lap 47 ~ Shepard’s Indoor Speedway

Lap 48 ~ Drive Train Specialists

Lap 49 ~ Allen Contracting Services

Lap 50 ~ $1,189.00

Thank You to ALL! Ron Hauser would be Proud!

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