Rules & Schedules 2014

I re-posted our JR Neely Home Improvement Modified rule package. Our rules are written differently but are a match with the Top Speed Fabrication Modified Tour Series. This will allow all cars racing at Owosso to be legal for any Top Speed event in the area.

You should be able to click on each set of rules and then they will appear as a separate page for you to print off. I will have some extra copies of each division available at our pre-season registration party if you are not able to print off a copy. Let me know if you are having trouble printing off a copy. It will be important to print off the General Rules as well since there are a few changes in our Racing Format.

Some of the highlights for this year’s changes are:

All Modified and Pro Late Model drivers will be required to wear a Head and Neck Restraint System. (Some folks refer to this as a HANS Device) The driver will be required to wear one any time he is going out onto our track. This restraint system is Highly Recommended for ALL Competitors!

I have received several inquiries about buying a Head & Neck Restraint System. The belief is that the racer is limited to a pricey HANS or Hutchinson device. The HANS and the Hutchinson’s range in price from $500- to over $1,000. This price range may be a little steep for our weekly racer and so we have done some research to find a system that is a little more budget friendly.

We have a local company in the Saginaw area called Team Tech Motorsports. Team Tech Motorsports owner, Curt Tucker, has developed a product line of safety items that cover everything involved in motorsports, including Head & Neck Restraint Systems. The “Tucker Helmet Restraint” is a proven, inexpensive system that will meet the guidelines of our rules for the Pro Late Models and our Modified divisions. The Tucker Helmet Restraint is priced at $225.30 and $272.97 depending on which material you prefer to wear. You can view their catalog online @ or contact them by telephone @ (989) 792-4880. You can order any of their products online by filling out the order form on the Home Page of their web site; save it to a file on your computer; Email the file to complete the order to:

When you read about the testing and the research that went into the development of this product I’m sure that you will agree that there is not a better value when purchasing a Head & Neck Restraint System.

We will be using the Spinner~Spinnee system of judging cars this season. Please see the General Rules for more specifics.

Pro Late Models ~ Left side weight has been changed to 58%.

Modifieds ~ Our Rules mirror Top Speed Fabrication Modified Tour Series. *I have reposted our mod rules! 1.) A single stage external oil pump will be legal as long as it is plumbed to the oil pan attached to the bottom of the engine. No external tanks! 2.) The steel plate required behind the driver’s seat for those cars with a “bird cage” rear end may be changed to 1/16 ” steel or 1/8 ” aluminum. If Top Speed changes their rule then we will change ours to adopt.

Sportsman ~ No changes other than the dates.

Pure Stocks ~ No changes, maybe a little more clarification. The big thing there is “Keep it Stock!”

Powder Puff ~ Same rules as the Pure Stocks. This class will be open to ALL women drivers regardless of racing experience. I am considering qualifying and heat races for this division this season. Maybe at our pre-season party we can get some opinions on this.

Our schedule is at the Shiawassee County Community Development Office awaiting approval for this year. As soon as we get the OKAY then we will post it. There are many exciting events that we are looking forward to again this year and one big event on June 21, 2014 that we have never done before. It is going to be an exciting time to be a race car driver at Owosso Speedway this year!

We don’t have a definite date yet for a pre-season party but it will have to be in February and I was even considering a Friday Night? If you have a “reasonable” opinion on this, let me know! :)

I hope and trust that everyone is enjoying the new year and looking forward to a great season of racing and fun! As always, give me a call if you have any questions!

Take care, God bless,

Rick (810) 965-6698

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