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Media Credentials

  • Media Credentials will only be issued to recognized daily newspapers, news services, racing publications and inter publications and internet sites that regularly cover motorsports, national television, streaming and radio networks and local television and radio stations.
  • All media credential requests must be submitted by the editor, sports editor, sports director or sports producer. Credentials will be issued to authorizied personnel only for the purpose of providing timely coverage of the event.
  • Requests from individuals not employed by an accredited media outlet will not be considered.
  • Owosso Speedway reserves the right to approve or deny ANY credential requests, as well as number of granted credentials.
  • Applying for a credential does not mean a credential will be issued.
  • Media Credentials do not guarantee working space in Media Work Areas.
  • Issued Credentials are non-transferable and must be accompanied by both state issued identification and employer issued identification; failure to carry both ID's is grounds for credential revocation.
  • Please only submit one application per media outlet, consolidating requests of all applicable departments
  • Those gaining media credentials will not be allowed to sell any products on the grounds.
  • Owosso Speedway reserves the right to obtain copies of any and all photo, broadcasts, videos, articles, etc. captured at the facility.
  • Those gaining a media credential must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by Owosso Speedway. Failure to comply with the direction of track officials will result in revocation of media credential for the remainder of the event and possibly all future events.
  • Media Credentials upon signed waiver and release grant access to highly dangerous areas with occupational hazards present at all times. Accepting a media credential and signing the waiver and release means you clearly understand you are at risk at all times and responsible for your own decisions.
  • apply for media credentials by emailing the completed pdf application form below to info@owossospeedway.com

Media Credential Application PDF

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