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Race Day Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a cooler?

Absolutely! We ask that you do not bring any glass containers but you are welcome to bring in a cooler with your own snacks and beverages (alcohol is permitted but we ask that you please drink responsibly).

What is the cost of admission?

Thanks to our wonderful marketing partners, ticket prices for the 2023 season will be $14 for adults and everyone 20 and under will get in for free. Please support the sponsors you hear about throughout the race night because they are the ones who made this possible!

What is racing tonight?

Our 2023 Young Chevrolet Challenge Series schedule is located under the "Schedule" tab. We have a variety of house divisions as well as several travelling series that visit throughout the season.

Is there a charge for parking?

Nope! We offer free parking in our lot.

Is there camping?

No camping during the regular season, however for the season ending Owosso Nationals weekend we traditionally allow camping in a designated section of the parking lot. It is dry camping and there may be a charge for spots.

Is it loud?

While we do our best to establish rules that limit the decibels, racing is still a bit loud. We recommend bringing hearing protection especially for the children.

Are you still racing?

If there is a threat of inclement weather, we will monitor as closely as we can. As soon as a decision is made regarding weather conditions we will put out messages on our website and social media giving all details available regarding rain checks, rain dates, and rescheduled events.

Your Day at the Races

What you will see and experience on a Saturday night at the Big O.

While the Owosso Speedway will be undergoing extensive upgrades and changes over the next several years, the facility still offers a hometown charm that you will find to be the perfect venue for racing excitement.
The front gates will open at 5pm where you can see our friendly ticket office staff. All events in the 2023 season will be just $14 for adults and all patrons 20 years old and younger will be free! After you get your tickets, and staff member may ask to inspect the contents of your cooler if one is brought in. You're welcome to bring beverages both soft and hard, however no glass bottles are allowed and that is what our staff will primarily be checking for. You're also allowed to bring in your own snacks to eat as you enjoy the racing events.
If you did not bring your own snacks, the track has a fully staffed concession stand that offers the track food you would expect at a reasonable price. Our concession stand is located behind the eastern grandstand.
Restrooms are located to the east of the concession stand.
In the main concourse area there is a playground that is available to use for the younger race fans.
We offer wooden bench seating still for the 2023 season. The eastern grandstands are on a solid concrete base, while the western stands are a steel and wooden structure and also offers a handicap accessible ramp to get into the seating area.
The racing program will begin at 7pm. It will feature any combination of our weekly divisions within the Young Chevrolet Challenge Series as well as a variety of travelling series that will visit us during the 2023 campaign. We make all attempts to complete the racing program as efficiently as possible. We aim to have the show complete within 3-4 hours.

What Do the Flags Mean?

The Chief Starter waves a variety of flags throughout the night. What do they all mean?

Green Flag
The Starter will display this flag at the start of each race. It means it's time to get on the gas and begin racing. He will also wave the green after a caution period to signal to the drivers it is time to resume racing.

Yellow Flag
The starter will display the yellow flag in the event there is an on track incident. If there is a crash or spin and the competitors are not able to quickly resume racing, the starter will throw a caution. The drivers on the track will reduce speed and maintain position. The yellow flag condition will remain until the incident is cleaned up and drivers have taken their running position as of the last completed lap prior to the incident.

Red Flag
In the event there is a serious crash, fire, or obstruction completely blocking the track the starter will display the red flag. This signals to the drivers to immediately stop where they are at on the track. Once there situation is resolved the starter will then display the yellow flag and the cars will resume movement.

White Flag
The starter will display the white flag when there is one lap remaining in a race. The starter may also display this flag prior to the start of a race to indicate he will be throwing the green flag the next time the cars come around.

Blue Flag with Diagonal Stripe
This flag is used to indicate to cars that are about to be overtaken by the leader (lapped) that there are lead lap cars approaching and to hold your line as to not interfere with the race for the win.

Black Flag
This flag is displayed when a competitor has been asked the leave the track. This can be for a variety of reasons including: A rules infraction, debris hanging off of the car that may fall off and present a safety hazard, smoke or other signs of an impending mechanical failure, leaking fluid, or unsportsmanlike conduct. When this flag is shown to a driver they are expected to exit the race track as soon as they can safely do so.

Checkered Flag
This flag will be displayed at the completion of a race.

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