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Race Day Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a cooler?

Absolutely! We ask that you do not bring any glass containers but you are welcome to bring in a up to 14" cooler with your own snacks and beverages (alcohol is permitted but we ask that you please drink responsibly). We have been blessed with great attendance, and so it is a check in policy that your cooler fit through a 14" template.

What is the cost of admission?

Thanks to our wonderful marketing partners, general admission ticket prices for the 2024 season will be $14 for adults and everyone 20 and under will get in for free. Seniors 60+, First Responders, Active Military and Veterans will be $12. Must present ID. Please support the sponsors you hear about throughout the race night because they are the ones who made this possible!

What is racing tonight?

Our 2024 schedule is located under the "Schedule" tab. We have a variety of house divisions as well as several travelling series that visit throughout the season.

Is there a charge for parking?

Nope! We offer free parking in our lot.

Is there camping?

For 2024 season due to ongoing construction we will only have camping available for August 8th, 9th and 10th and September 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Is it loud?

While we do our best to establish rules that limit the decibels, racing is still a bit loud. We recommend bringing hearing protection especially for the children.

What happens if it rains?

Retain your event ticket stub after purchase. In the event of inclement weather, a General Admission or Pit Pass is considered fulfilled after the 4th racing event is completed. Qualifying is considered an event. Best efforts will be made to get the races in. If your event is deemed a rainout, you may submit your rain stub ticket for any regular event during the remainder of the season. If it is a regular night event ticket and you wish to redeem it on a special event night, you must pay any purchase price difference for said event. All sales are final, no refund.

Your Day at the Races

What you will see and experience on a Saturday night at the Big O.

While the Owosso Speedway will be undergoing extensive upgrades and changes over the next several years, the facility still offers a hometown charm that you will find to be the perfect venue for racing excitement.
The front gates will open at noon where you can see our friendly ticket office staff. We do a broadcast on the property with a low power FM transmission for the PA announcers that is on the 88.5 FM frequency. You can listen from your phone, your car, via a headset etc. while you are on the property. The signal will not push out farther than that. All events in the 2024 season will be just $14 for adults, seniors 60+, first responders, active military and veterans are $12 and all patrons 20 years old and younger will be free! Must show proof of valid ID. After you get your tickets, and staff member may ask to inspect the contents of your cooler if one is brought in. You're welcome to bring beverages both soft and hard, however no glass bottles are allowed and that is what our staff will primarily be checking for. You're also allowed to bring in your own snacks to eat as you enjoy the racing events.
If you did not bring your own snacks, the track has a fully staffed concession stand that offers the track food you would expect at a reasonable price. Our concession stand is located behind the eastern grandstand.
Restrooms are located to the east of the concession stand.
In the main concourse area there is a playground that is available to use for the younger race fans.
We offer wooden bench seating still for the 2024 season. The eastern grandstands are on a solid concrete base, while the western stands are a steel and wooden structure and also offers a handicap accessible ramp to get into the seating area.
The racing program will begin at 6pm. It will feature any combination of our weekly divisions as well as a variety of travelling series that will visit us during the 2024 campaign. We make all attempts to complete the racing program as efficiently as possible.

What Do the Flags Mean?

The Chief Starter waves a variety of flags throughout the night. What do they all mean?

Green Flag
The Starter will display this flag at the start of each race. It means it's time to get on the gas and begin racing. He will also wave the green after a caution period to signal to the drivers it is time to resume racing.

Yellow Flag
The starter will display the yellow flag in the event there is an on track incident. If there is a crash or spin and the competitors are not able to quickly resume racing, the starter will throw a caution. The drivers on the track will reduce speed and maintain position. The yellow flag condition will remain until the incident is cleaned up and drivers have taken their running position as of the last completed lap prior to the incident.

Red Flag
In the event there is a serious crash, fire, or obstruction completely blocking the track the starter will display the red flag. This signals to the drivers to immediately stop where they are at on the track. Once there situation is resolved the starter will then display the yellow flag and the cars will resume movement.

White Flag
The starter will display the white flag when there is one lap remaining in a race. The starter may also display this flag prior to the start of a race to indicate he will be throwing the green flag the next time the cars come around.

Blue Flag with Diagonal Stripe
This flag is used to indicate to cars that are about to be overtaken by the leader (lapped) that there are lead lap cars approaching and to hold your line as to not interfere with the race for the win.

Black Flag
This flag is displayed when a competitor has been asked the leave the track. This can be for a variety of reasons including: A rules infraction, debris hanging off of the car that may fall off and present a safety hazard, smoke or other signs of an impending mechanical failure, leaking fluid, or unsportsmanlike conduct. When this flag is shown to a driver they are expected to exit the race track as soon as they can safely do so.

Crossed Flags
Two flags shown crossed lets the driver know that they are halfway through the race. If they have been laying back, now is the time to start moving to the front to fight for the win!

Open Hand
This is not the starter greeting the drivers. This signal lets the driver know that there are FIVE laps left in the race.

Checkered Flag
This flag will be displayed at the completion of a race.

Race Car Divisions

Many types of race car divisions, or classes, will compete at Owosso Speedway throughout the season. Here is a little bit of information on what classes you may see on your visit and how to tell them apart from other divisions.

Types of Race Cars You May See At Owosso Speedway

  • Outlaw Super Late Model
  • Template Super Late Model
  • Late Model Sportsman
  • Modified
  • Sprint Car
  • Street Stock
  • Pure Stock
  • Trucks
  • Sport Compact
  • Mini Wedge
  • Buses
  • Double Decker Cars
  • Figure 8 Cars & Trucks

Super Late Model

The Super Late Model class is typically the top division of racing. The body styles are more of an "outlaw" style. These cars wont look like anything you see on the road. They are the most expensive and fastest. A Super Late Model can cost between $50,000 and $100,000 depending on the chassis and motor. This class tends to run for larger prize money than the other classes. They race on a 10 inch Hoosier race tire with steel racing wheels. The fastest lap in a Super Late Model prior to the 2023 race season was 14.302 seconds. This is an average speed of just over 94 MPH. Straightaway speeds will be over 100 MPH. With our brand new asphalt, it is likely that the existing track record will be broken in 2023!

Late Model Sportsman

These cars will look more familiar to those you will see on the road. They have stock appearing bodies that tend to be "pre fabricated" to match their desired car manufacturer's specifications. These cars are a little heavier than a Super Late Model, but run on the same 10 inch tire with steel wheels. With these cars having less downforce and heavier than the Super Late Models, speeds are not as quick. The fastest Late Model Sportsman lap at Owosso Speedway is 16.474 seconds, which is an average speed of over 82 MPH.


These rear-wheel drive machines are built for speed and maximum tire grip. These cars are sometimes called "open-wheel" cars due to the lack of front fenders which leaves the front wheels exposed. On average, a competitive Modified can cost from $40,000 to $60,000. These cars are also built to be very low to the ground which helps keep the car sucked to the racing surface increasing the downforce on the tires to create speed. The tires are smaller than a Super Late Model with an 9 inch wide Hoosier racing tire mounted on 8" steel wheels. The minimum weight is 2450 pounds which is lighter than a Super Late Model. Modifieds can run racing fuel or alcohol. Alcohol fuel increases horsepower but is harder on the fuel system. The fastest lap at Owosso speedway prior to our new asphalt is 15.584 seconds or over 87 MPH.

Sprint Car

Owosso Speedway is excited to have Sprint Cars on the schedule for 2023! These are the fastest race cars you will see and are built strictly for speed. They are easily recognizable by their lack of fenders and a huge top wing and a smaller nose wing which keeps the cars on the ground. Sprint cars weigh almost 1000 pounds lighter than the other divisions with a minimum weight of only 1500 pounds. These cars do not have starters like your car and must be pushed in order for the motor to fire up. Unlike other classes, they can only run methanol fuel. Also, the drivers compartment, or cockpit, is not enclosed. This helps reduce weight and allows you to see the racers wrestling with their steering wheel during competition. The front wheels are much smaller than the rear wheel. The fronts are as small as 10 inches with the rear tires allowed to be between 13.5 to 17 inches in width. The fastest lap ever recorded at Owosso Speedway prior to 2023 is a blistering 12.565 seconds. That equals an incredible average speed on our 3/8ths mile oval of nearly 105.5 MPH!

Street Stock

This class of cars (or trucks) is a more souped-up version of our Pure Stock division (see below). Many of these cars will look similar to vehicles you have seen on your local roads. These are mostly steel-bodied rear wheel drive vehicles with stock frames and stock-based bodies. Street Stock cars weigh at least 3000 pounds or more and race on an approved racing tire. They are also allowed to run a rear spoiler to give them extra downforce on their rear tires to generate speed. The Street Stock class is new to the Owosso Speedway, so there will be a track record set, maybe numerous times, this season.

Pure Stock

This class is a true rear-wheel drive racing class for beginners and small-budget racers. To keep costs down, these machines race on a regular 8-inch tire that you see on most passenger cars. For safety reasons, these tires are mounted on steel racing wheels. Cars in this class are American-made automobiles with stock motors and steel bodies. The fuel they use is also the same pump fuel you can buy at your local service station. They are also the heaviest cars you will see racing at Owosso Speedway weighing at least 3500 pounds! Unlike the Street Stocks, the Pure Stocks do not have a rear spoiler to help keep the rear tires tight to the track. You'll see lots of excitement with them sliding around the corners with these cars! Because of their weight and lack of a spoiler, the speeds are a bit slower compared to the other classes. The track record for a Pure Stock, prior to 2023, is an average lap speed of approximately 74 MPH. That's still mighty fast!


The All American Truck Class is easy to recognize. It is our completely stock truck division. We don't allow much modifying of these trucks. You can pretty much gut out the interior of an American truck, add safety equipment and go racing! This class has quickly become a crowd favorite as you are nearly guaranteed to see some fenders rub when the All American Trucks hit the Owosso Speedway asphalt!

Sports Compacts

In a nutshell, this is our front-wheel drive class of cars. They are fuel injected 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder motors. Cars in this class can be automatic or manual transmission. As you can imagine, these cars handle on the track a little differently than rear wheel drive cars. However, that doesn't mean they aren't fast! The quickest lap around the Owosso Speedway is just as fast as the Pure Stock record of approximately 74 MPH.

Mini Wedge

Owosso Speedway is excited to bring the Mini Wedge class into the fold for 2023! This is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to get involved with racing and help educate them with racing etiquette so that they can move into other divisions once they are old enough. These are 6.5 horsepower sealed motors mounted in the rear of the vehicle. A mini-wedge is similar to a go-kart but the driver is in a small roll cage surrounded by sheet metal and has a scooped nose. They don't race on the big track like the other classes. They have a smaller track to compete on. It is a lot of fun to watch these 6-12 year olds race!

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