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What is Marie Smith Kids Bike Night? What to expect -


Owosso Speedway

What is Marie Smith Kids Bike Night? What to expect -

If you are new to Owosso Speedway this year, You may be asking "What is Marie Smith's Kid's Bike Night?"
Marie Smith ran the line up board at Owosso Speedway for many, many years. She was loved by her drivers, and the people that worked at the speedway. Every year, aside from the work she did at the track, Marie would organize a bike night at Owosso Speedway, where bikes were solicited in the community and from fans and drivers to give away to some of the children in attendance at the Speedway. Marie would work all year long, gathering bikes for her kids at the track.
We lost Marie a few years ago. She was dearly loved, and her tradition has carried forward through the years.
When an adult purchases their ticket at the speedway, if they have a child 1 to 15 - that child will be given a double ticket upon admittance to the speedway. When you walk in the speedway, you will see the bikes all lined up that are being given away at intermission. Your child will get to select the bike they have the desire to try and win. Your child will take 1 of the double ticket set they received, and place the ticket in the container on the bike that they hope to win the most. It is very, very important that an adult keep the other half of that ticket. (That is how you claim your bike if you are the winner) At intermission, the bikes will all be taken down to the front stretch by track workers. All kids that have put a ticket in, will come down on the racing surface with their adult that is holding the ticket. The track announcers will begin with the first bike and read the numbers. the child should be at the wall close to the bike they are hoping to win. The announcer will read the number a couple times, and then move on to the next bike. A track volunteer or helper will stay by each of the bikes as the process goes on. If you have the winning number, you need to present it to the helper that is by the bike and will have the other half of the drawn ticket the announcer announced. Once verified, the bike will be presented to the winning child. That parent and child are requested to stay at the track until all bikes are drawn for the photo at the end of the drawing. We have a lot of bikes to give away, and a lot of racing to get in for the night, so this process will be happening very quickly. Please spread the news about the drawing process to people you know are attending the event, and also please spread the word that 20 and younger are free to attend the events at Owosso Speedway (accompanied by an adult) Thank you and see you at the races!

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