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Destruction Overload Payout Announced


Owosso Speedway

Destruction Overload Payout Announced


The Owosso Speedway has announced the payouts for our Destruction Overload events, the first of which will be happening on SUNDAY, May 19th at 3PM.

The planned events for our first event will be (in no particular order):
Pull Races
Stacker Races
Back to School Races
Push Races
Flagpole Races
Figure 8 Enduro
School Bus Figure 8
Trailer Figure 8

The payout linked above reflects what we will be paying for events on the Figure 8 course, as well as the concrete course. We are not allowing outside entries for the Stackers and School Busses at this time, we will be utilizing our house vehicles for these races. The first batch of participants has already been contacted, and after our first test session on May 8th, we will be contacting the next batch.

Article Credit: Chris Fobbe

Submitted By: Chris Fobbe

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